A Call To Fasting and Prayer

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today is day 28 of our 40 Day Prayer Challenge. These last 4 weeks have been filled with challenging words from our book “Draw The Circle” and God’s Word. Just like with any other challenge that we may take on our greatest success is found when we put our heart and soul into it. There is tremendous growth potential in this challenge that moves beyond these 40 days but extends out for the rest of our lives. (If you haven’t began reading “Draw The Circle by Mark Batterson I strongly encourage you to get a copy and begin reading today.)

I want to lead you in taking the prayer life of our church to a whole new level. This can only be accomplished if you join with me in a time of fasting and prayer. Beginning March 10th we will enter into a time of corporate fasting and praying. I want to encourage you to begin to prepare for this time. First, determine if you are willing to commit to a 7 day Daniel Fast (fruits and vegetables). Secondly, email me at jeff@lifesongchurchonline.com and simply tell me that you are committing to this fast.

This coming week we will be releasing a fasting guide as well as several important prayer items that we will be focusing on during this week of fasting and prayer.

I want to encourage you to be apart of this fast. This season of prayer may be the most important season of prayer we have ever entered into corporately as a church.

Here is a preview of our upcoming sermon series:

Draw the Circle–  Ends March 16th

Family Worship Sunday– March 23rd

Pull  (Personal Evangelism Training)- Begins March 30th- April 13

Week of Love Invades– Begins April 6th

The Rock–  April 20th Easter Sunday

Jesus Is Enough


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