3 Great Reasons To Stop Going Through The Motions

Posted: July 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

It is very easy to get lulled into that place of nothingness, the place where we just wake up everyday and do the same old thing expecting a different result. Deep down in our heart we know that the result is going to be the same old, same old. Dissatisfaction with your life begins to build and there you are. What do you do? Well you have 3 choices: 1. Do nothing and just simply exist from day to day. (Bad choice!) 2. Do something stupid that involves running from your current life. (An even worse choice!) 3. Do whatever it takes to be passionately in love with the God who created you and has a purpose and plan for your life ( That is a great choice!).

Here are 3 great reasons to stop going through the motions:

1. God has BIGGER PURPOSE for your life

Going through the motions blind us to God’s activity and sucks all the energy out of our life. When we put the priority on our relationship with God He will interject energy and perspective. When we have no goals that we are reaching for it is very difficult to be motivated. However, it is not just goals, but it is pursuing the purpose and plans that God created you for. That is where we find our ultimate satisfaction.

2. You Want BETTER

You know it. I know it. It is obvious that we all don’t want to spend our life going through the motions. What it boils down to is a decision to change.

3. Lives Will Be Changed Because You Change

Immediate impact is that you start getting better and people around you have a more positive person in their lives. Your attitude changes. Your goals change. Your heart changes. All of those things equal to a better environment. Long term impact is God wants to use you to change peoples lives for His glory. You will look back and say as King David said, “Who am I that God has brought me and my household so far.”

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